Burn the Fat Body Transformation Program

The Burn the fat program is written by natural (i.e. no steroids) bodybuilder Tom Venuto.

The program was one of the most successful fitness ebooks of the last decade.

The program contains an absolute wealth of information, yet is presented in a very readable style, and is brimming with hard facts, and real-life experience.

Burn the Fat is available as a hardback print book. At Amazon it maintains a 5-star review status, which is testimony to program. and the online is now a subscription-based members-only program.

Shhhh! The best-kept secret about the Burn the Fat program is the Inner Circle - it's a special members-only section where you get personalized attention.

What's In Burn the Fat?

It's all here - eating plans, nutrition, exercise and weight training programs. How to accurately measure and chart your progress, the importance of goal setting. Each with superb background and detail, scientific evidence, and personal experience.

What's refreshing is that it is real 'no-bull' information. How many diet books have you read, that were filled with hype, lots of white space, and left you feeling confused?

What is helpful about the program is that it does not contain a single 'prescription' for weight loss - but provides a baseline for you to keep on adjusting until you get the results you want.

Editor's Personal Recommendation

"I first read Burn the Fat over 5 years ago- but I still refer to it now. At first it seemed overwhelming - there was so much information. However over time I began to implement more and more of the principles in the book, and actually achieved my own drop in fat (from about 23% down to 14%).

What I liked about the book was that it didn't claim to be the "breakthrough" diet - but rather provided a baseline to start off at - and enabled me to customize everything until I had something that worked. Essential reading for anyone who wants to burn fat."

To be honest very little has come close to the concise "how-to" style that BFFM provides. Most diet books released are derivative knock-offs with over half the content filled by re-formatted recipes. BFFM is a fat loss manual, plain and simple.

DON'T buy Burn the Fat if you...

...want 'quick and easy'. This program takes dedication. Like most things that actually succeed, it requires some time investment, and a real commitment to follow the principles in the BFFM book.

And if you haven't figured out by now -- long term fat loss (and muscle gain) is by no means 'quick and easy'. BUT COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION IS POSSIBLE !! Set your goals high and learn the RIGHT way to burn fat.

The 7 Day Transformation Program

As well as the book, it is possible to subscribe to the "inner circle", a private membership website offering the program with community support.

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Last updated 30 Dec 2014target