Body Wraps For Weight Loss

Body wraps are a non-surgical treatment that promise to tighten your skin and help you lose weight. They are essentially bandages that are soaked in various solutions. Most body wraps are administered in weight loss spas and beauty salons.

The body wrap exfoliates and detoxifies the skin -- which is apparently what causes any potential weight loss. However - it is obvious the body wrap may help you lose inches off your waistline (due to a tightening and firming of the skin) - but this does not equate to fat loss.

Many enjoy the body wrap experience and claim to feel revitalize and toned.

Where Can I Get a Body Wrap?

If you want to do a body wrap yourself have a look at Suddenly Slender's Body Wrap Kit. This is the most popular DIY Body Wrap available.


Last Updated 31 Aug 2012