Best Weight Loss Programs

The best weight loss programs (Editor's picks - subject to change).

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is regarded as one of the most successful diets for many. The new plans make it even easier.

Suitable if you: Are looking for something with a proven track record.
Not suitable if you: aren't prepared to spend a little extra.


Mayo Clinic Diet

A comprehensive weight loss program from the most respected health clinic in the country.

Suitable if you: You want something well-balanced without any major restrictions.



Nutrisystem has both fans and critics. The food is definitely not to everyone's taste, but it is the most affordable of all meal delivery services.

Suitable if you: Are looking for a cheap option for delivered food.
Not suitable if you: can't stand the taste of packaged foods.


Paleo Diet

Paleo has become very popular, and adopted by hundreds of thousands. TIP: To get started, join up with an online program.

Suitable if you: want to get healthier while losing fat...
Not suitable if you: aren't willing to make significant adjustments to the foods you eat.


South Beach Diet

The South Beach has stood the test of time, with hundreds of thousands finding success over the last 8 years.

Suitable if you: Want a balanced diet that doesn't obsess about low-fat content or counting points.



At first we were skeptical about this low-calorie diet. However there has been enough positive feedback to justify this as an important and effective weight loss program.

Suitable if you: Are overwhelmed by your weight - or are more than 75 pounds overweight.
Not suitable if you: are only a little overweight.


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