6 Week Body Makeover

Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover is a method of losing weight and reshaping the body in a relatively short period of time.

6 Week Make Over Kit

The 6 week body makeover was developed over a number of years by fitness expert Michael Thurmond, a member of the ‘Extreme Team’ on the Extreme Makeover television series.

The 6 week body makeover is not a diet involving special meals, drinks or pills. Rather it is a customized process of learning your own reaction to particular foods, then combining them in your diet so that your unique metabolism burns more fat.

This together with the exercise program which is part of the purchased package, is claimed to ‘make over’ the body to achieve the desired result in 6 weeks.

The package comprises a kit which includes a starting-up video, a body ‘blueprinting’ Kit, exercise bands & training video, custom eating & body shaping plans, a guide for dining out, a ‘Living Lean’ program & audio cassette, a recipe guide/menu planner, and possibly a bonus 6 Day Mini Makeover (see below). It is sold via an infomercial format and is priced at more than $170.

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The 6 Week Body Makeover Plan

The 6 week body makeover has these main components:

  • Identify your type of metabolism by filling out a questionnaire, and reprogram it for maximum fat burning.
  • Eat those foods that work with your particular metabolism to lose weight rapidly, despite eating more of the foods that
    cause weight-loss while reducing foods that cause you weight-gain.
  • Determine your body type, its unique problem areas, and your ultimate goal, in order to exercise less (18 minutes twice a week is quoted) and reshape your body in as little as 6 weeks, losing up to 30 pounds in that time.
  • Learn how to keep excess weight off after the makeover is complete.

The 6 Week Body Make over program (6WBMO) provides you with an eating plan for each meal, tailored for your metabolism, such that you will lose up to 30 pounds in 6 weeks. It details how to use the right foods, combinations, and amounts at the right time of day to force your metabolism to run faster, burning more of the food you feed it as fuel and storing less as fat, thus automatically losing body weight.

Anyone taking medication or with special medical conditions should consult a physician or health care specialist before undertaking this aggressive weight loss plan. There is dietary advice in the plan for participants who suffer from hypoglycemia, high or low blood pressure, or food allergies.

There are many testimonials of success in varying degrees with this plan. Some sample comments:

  • with time, you don’t miss the salt.
  • I found I acquired a taste for the fruits/ veggies.
  • there is no dairy and lots of healthy foods & water.
  • This isn’t the plan for you if you just want “another diet”. This is a life changing thing & it is for the serious
  • In the 1st 6 wks I lost 30+ lbs. The 1st wk was the hardest, because the plan is so strict.
  • I am on my 17th week and I have lost 68.5 lbs.
  • Yes it takes time to prepare your food for the week … I cook the week’s meals on Sundays.
  • I buy frozen chicken strips.. they are usually the right size for the meal.. I also buy frozen veggies.. I spend no
    time at all in the kitchen.
  • I am in my sixth day and I have lost 8.5 lb.
  • I started the 6WBMO almost 5 weeks ago … I have lost 17 pounds.

The 6 Week Body Makeover is undoubtedly a program that works for many who stick to the regimen. Others feel that it is over-priced for the information that is offered.

The 6 Day Body Makeover

The much more rigorous 6 day mini makeover or ‘mini makeover’ has been developed from the basic 6 week body makeover outlined above. This accelerated weight loss plan is designed to drop the body to a smaller clothing size in 6 days, so it is suitable as a crash project for a special occasion, but is NOT recommended for use on a regular basis. The 6 day body makeover involves 5-6 small meals per day, and 45-60 minutes daily of ‘long, slow distance exercises’ (walking, slow jogging, treadmill, or stationary bike), which it is claimed shifts the body into fat-burning mode.

Much planning and preparation is required, but menus and serving sizes are all mapped out, and recipes are provided. A lot of fish and poultry are on the menu and are including in mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. d.s.

    I lost my exercise sheet is there anyway to get a copy?

  2. Kathy

    To Christy – you are VERY motivating! Thanks for kicking my butt and getting me back into the weight loss program. Everything that has happened to you (“drenched in sweat, and I was just hoping that they thought I’d dunked my head in the water”) has been my pattern for a couple of years now. I had my stomach stapled in 2001 and lost 120lbs. Kept it off for 6 years but it’s started creeping on again. Time to catch that bugger and get ‘er off again. No more ‘sluffing’ – GET ‘ER DONE! Thanks again Christy!

  3. Anya

    This is honestly the only diet that has ever really worked for me and helped me to loose weight quickly enough to keep me motivated. I lost 7 lbs in the first week and a total of 25 by the end of the 6 weeks. I’m starting the diet today, 6 weeks after giving birth. I have 40 lbs to lose…we’ll see how it goes.

  4. Erica

    Hi Kathy,
    I ordered mine on a friday and got it on tuesday. Just go it yesterday actually and I am going shopping tonight for the food I need so I can start tomorrow. I am very excited and ready to learn how to lose weight and keep it off. I was on Jenny Craig a few years ago, lost 100 pounds in 9 months but gained it all back when I got off because I didnt know how to prepare my own foods. I was so use to eating their prepackaged food so I know this one will work long term because it teaches you from the start healthy eating.

  5. Jenny

    I lost more weight using Weight Watchers and Slim Fast. Just being honest! I also started walking each day and using a recumbent workout bike that I got off craiglist for free! With all of this I lost over 30 pounds in six weeks. If you don’t believe me and think this is crap I will send you a copy of my weight watchers papmplet that keeps up with your weight every meeting. If you want to do it you will. Don’t kid youself though! If you are not ready in your heart then you can try anything and fail! This is about YOU being ready!

  6. Nathania Smith

    I am interested in this program, real soon!

  7. Christy

    Hi. I’ve been reading through all these comments and I still believe I’ve made the right choice in ordering this program. I only just ordered it yesterday, but I’m very excited about receiving the product! I need to lose a total of about 190 pounds to get to my goal.

    I’m currently going to school to become a photographer, and have found that being overweight + running after the bride and groom in 90 degree heat = severe sweating and dehydration. I’m very serious about my career, and about changing my lifestyle, so I plan to stick with this until I reach that goal! Today I went out and bought a new shirt… in a 1X. lol I’m going to hang it up where I can see it so I am reminded daily of the “cute” things I will be able to fit into if I keep up with the program.

    At the wedding I recently photographed I had one photo taken of me. I’m standing next to my best friend, who is 5’9″ and 160, and I look like I could be 2 or 3 of him… which I guess I am. I had my arm around him and you could see my hand, but you couldn’t see his. lol

    I just hate it. I hate being fat. I hate eating out and thinking that people are staring at me because I’m the “fat one”. I’ve been overweight my whole life and I’m ready to change everything I’m doing to become a better ME. I don’t want to end up like my mother who has heart disease, or my grandmother and uncle who both had strokes. I want to go for a nature hike and not have to determine where my cut-off point is to turn back so I don’t feel like I’m gonna die.

    That’s something else. I went with my friends daughter to a local state park to see the waterfall. I’d never been there, but decided I’d take the walk down to the bottom of the falls. I thought I was going to die just going down to the bottom, but coming back up was embarrassing. I stopped every 10 seconds to catch my breath. People were walking past me and I was drenched in sweat, and I was just hoping that they thought I’d dunked my head in the water. The next day I could barely walk my legs were so sore. I want to go back there in a year and do it again with my new body and be able to handle it without the fear of having a heart attack or passing out.

    I understand I’ll be giving up my sunflower seed obsession… and I’ll be giving up my milk and ranch dressing… 🙁 … BUT I’ll find new foods to replace them. Bye bye pizza, hello poultry! lol

    I’M READY!

  8. kathy Miller

    I ordered this for my daughter and I would like to know where I need to go to cancell it. I have been waiting for like a week and a half and I still havent recieved the product. I checked the bank and the payment was taking out and yet I recieved nothing nor has anyone tried to contact me by my e-mail or reg postal mail. This is a serious thing to me and I would like ome feed ack on this matter. I want my mopney back and to cancell this transaction. thank you
    Kathy Miller

    • ted

      Kathy, where did you order it from? The links we have in this review are to amazon which is a reliable seller. you’ll have to contact who you bought the book from because posting the problem here won’t get you a refund, sorry.

  9. Justin

    I am a full time college student and work full time. It’s very difficult to keep up with this routine. The only way I can do it is if I wake up very early to prepare the food for the day. Since I can’t eat in class, I have to wait until all my classes are over to eat which is about 5 hours. Overall, the only way I can really keep up with it is on the weekends. But two days a week isn’t good enough, so it’s not good for me. Might be for a “normal” person.

  10. College Kid

    Can anyone tell me how I would be able to keep this up on a regular college routine? You know.. with the cafeteria food and such, and no money to actually go food shopping. I’d like to start this program, but not if I can’t really keep up with it at school.

  11. Deb

    I bought the 6WBMO about 6 years ago and have tried using it off and on. I lost weight each time so I know it works. This time I am determined. I am on my 3rd day and feel wonderful. I know it says you cannot have salt, however, I still use the 50/50 salt and drink about 10 to 11 glasses of water a day. Even using salt I have lost significant amounts of weight in the past. I’ll post my weight loss every Monday until I am at my goal. I want to drop about 45 pounds. I am also a mom who is self-employed and works 11 hours a day. I make all the food on Sunday for the week. Good Luck to everyone!

  12. mommak

    This is my third day on this diet and I am down 3 lbs
    can anyone tell me if ther is a certain time you should not eat after.

  13. Ivana

    Hi, this is the best thing that happened to me when it comes to diet…I tried everything and anything, THIS WORKED, anyone should try it…its expensive but worth it, I lost 42lbs in 6 weeks…highly recommanded…its basically high protein low carbs diet, involves a lots of chicken breast and tuna, egg whites, fruit, 5 meals a day…good luck everyone!!!If I did it anyone can

  14. Ann

    My husband and I did this program in 2003! We happened to be the same body type so that made it easier to plan meals. I had to be a cheerleader for my husband and reminded him daily that it was only 45 days of the total restrictions! I went from 184 to 143 and went from a size 16 to a 10. My husband went from a pant size 36 to a 32. We have gained a little weight back over the years, but the life long knowledge we have learned from this program will always keep us on track forever.

  15. mary s

    Hi l just started the program last week can anyone tell me if they have any good recipes for body type a

  16. Francesca

    Hi, I’d like to know about the fat burning pills. Have any of you experienced any side effects from these pills? Especially since I am caffeine sensitive, just wanted to know before I take them.


  17. Anna

    I too tried all diets saw the add and bought it this is my second day and already lost 1.5 pounds. I am type B and I love red meat but I also had to cut out dairy and salt which is fine because I have high blood pressure. I hope to lose 50 pounds. I am 186. oh wait now 184 since the one day I started. So I so far so good yes recommend it.

    Yes I am a mother of 4 run my own business and still have time to prepare on Sundays the chicken for the week.

    I can also feel the results. I will give updates in a week.

  18. belle jansen

    i am just trying it out I am on my second day but i definitely beleive it will work because i do feel a difference already .God bless

  19. kd

    im worried about starting the diet bc im a 27 yr old grad student and i like to drink. do you have to cut that out completely or are a few drinks ok?

  20. tiffany

    i just ordered this from an infomercial i will definately keep posted on my results…

  21. Jan

    Is it for vegetarians?

  22. Jaclyn

    I started this diet on a Friday and lost 5 pounds by Tuesday…Yay!! I’ve also been walking and jogging. At first this diet is very overwhelming but if your really determined everything starts to become easier and a habit for you!

  23. Sharon B.

    me and my husband ordered the 6 week body make over and it really is amazing! I lost 10 lbs the first week and he lost 19 lbs. I am one of thoes people who have tryed almost everything out there and this progran made me feel great. I had energy and fet Hot for the first time in a long time. And I also have to children and work full time and it wasnt hard for me to make the meals if you really want to lose the weight you make the time(which really isnt long at all) anyway this really works. We fell off the wagon for a while back to eating the bad stuff but im ready to start again it makes me feel great! good luck with this youll love it

  24. Jamie

    I have been on the plan for 2 days and I have lost 5 pounds. I am amazed!!!

  25. Mrs. K

    What happens if you don’t completely eliminate salt? Will you still loose some weight? What is a good substitute for sugar and salt?

  26. Cressyde

    I would be interested in hearing from any post-menopausal women who have tried this program. I have found that my metabolism, while slow throughout my life, is virtually at a standstill now and I can’t get any weight off – I just keep gaining. Part of this is medication related as well as stress induced. Please if anyone has had any luck given similar situation, I would be interested in hearing from you.

  27. Eunice

    Where are the recipes?

  28. Patricia

    In 2006 was the first time I heard about this plan I had just returned from christmas vacation in New Jersey, I am from Port of Spain Trinidad. I had such great fun for that 4
    weeks that I gained 13 pounds. When I was ready to return to work my clothes couldn’t fit. I was introduced to the 6WBMO plan and I tried it and lost the 13 pound in exactly 6 weeks. I was 46yrs 5’6″ and weighed 135lbs. when I started the program I weighed 148lbs at the end of the 6 weeks I was back to 135lbs. I kept it off for a while and then fell back into my routine of eating any thing and so I have gained too much weight within the the last 2 years, I went to 160lbs, I’ve decided enough is enough, its now 6 weeks since I have made another attempt and I have lost to date 15lbs. Can you imagine when I really start this plan. I am recovering from the flu hence the slow pace. ps I am a body type c and the only flesh I eat is fish, I am practically a vegetarian. This plan works I recommend it.

  29. zoe

    I have been on this several times. Stopping mostly at my goal and restartig after the birth of my children. It is strict…yes but I have never felt better in my life ( i am 41) then I felt while eating this way. I feel it is just a clean way of eating and you are fueling your body so that you can live. Not living to eat. The no salt makes a world of difference and you dont miss it after a while. In fact if you eat out or try something you may have had in the past I think it tastes horribly salty. Try it. You will not be disappointed. The website also has enormous support!!

  30. Robyn

    I’m really thinking about doing this. However, I need to know if I HAVE to eat fish? I eat tuna (canned in water) but that’s it. I don’t like any other fish or seafood. I took the body type questionnaire and I’m an endomorph – Type A I think? So before I spend that money, I would like to know if I can eat some red meat. I love chicken, turkey, and pork, so that’s not a problem, just the fish thing.


  31. peaches

    Try for free–check your local library. My local library had the “6 Day Body Makeover” book. If you like to cook & have a decent stock of spices, you shouldn’t have any problem making your meals tasty. We all know that we have lost perspective on portion sizes, so I think the mini-meals are are great way of adjusting to less quantity of protein/carbs and greater quantities of veggies. While I get pretty hungry every 2-3 hours, the timing works out well–I’m due to eat again, and the mini-meals satisfy my hunger. I do miss yogurt & milk, but I think these can be reintroduced after a while without wreaking havoc. Just make smart choices.

  32. Jacque

    I bought this after seeing an infomerical back in 06, I tried it several times, and yeah, I lost weight but it was just too much for me to keep up with. You have to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day and if you don’t like fish you will be at a loss. I was going through so much chicken I think I was starting to lay eggs. The prep time for the meals was crazy, It requires too much. It is a high maintenance program. If you are a stay at home mom or don’t have a full time job, then you will most likely be successful. But I am a mother of 2 and I work full time. I didn’t have the kind of time to cook all the meals that are required for weight loss. Again, if you have the time, it really does work and it really works well.

  33. shellie

    OK Mark,
    I am 5’9, and my starting weight was 267. I lost 110 pounds in 10 months on the 6 week body makeover, and I have kepted it off for 11 months so far. I am at 157.
    I started the plan in april 2008, and reached goal in feb. 2009. I also was privleged to be a part of the new informerical for this product last july. They just started airing. I was not paid to do so.
    The best part about this program is it teaches you how to eat a healthy balenced diet. I didn’t feel I starved at all. I learned to cook. The main key in working this program is preparation. I would have a massive cook day on sundays, package them all up in portion sizes, and freeze. Then I could grab and go, and add my fresh fruit or whatever as I went.
    Don’t eat the same protien over and over, be sure and add variety, and cook it different every time u have it. The recipe part of the provida forums are awesome. Totally worth every penny, becasue it was put together for me, it’s what I needed to make it work.

  34. Annese Savage

    I want to order this program but i can’t it keeps takeing me to all these other web sites

    • ted

      We don’t sell products, just review them Annese, but the links take you to the site you can buy it from..

  35. mj

    I am thinking about purchasing this system. Can anyone tell me how the food might work for someone who doesn’t eat red meat or pork and has alternating normal to low blood pressure? I’d like to have an idea before I put out the money for it.

  36. Sherry

    I am on day 5 and I lost 9lbs!!!!

  37. Tom

    I used 6WBM in ’08 and found it to be a very successful diet, but it takes dedication. My internist (M.D.) recommended it to me, since he has been very successful at taking and keeping off weight.
    I’m 5’9″ and started off at 260 lbs. I only lost about 3lbs the first week, but after my metabolism kicked into a higher gear, I started losing about 4-6 lbs per week. This loss rate was consistant, so you can’t chalk it up to just losing water weight. In six weeks I ended up at down to 232 lbs, but couldn’t stick with the program.

    I dropped off the plan completely after about 6 weeks, due mostly to being unable to rigorously stick with the plan while constantly traveling for work. It’s possible to work the plan while always eating at restaurants, but it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s much easier once you get to the maintenance stage of the program. I did, however, keep many of the eating habits learned under the program, so I didn’t gain very much weight at all in the next 12 months, even when taking clients to expensive (fattening) restaurants in New Orleans and elsewhere.
    I recently changed jobs, which was very stressful and I quickly gained over 25 lbs due to the stress, not exercising, and not watching what I eat.
    I’m starting 6WBMO again and expect this time to get down to my target weight of 190 in the next year. I expect to drop about 25-40 lbs in the first six weeks on the plan (because I know what worked for me and don’t have to go thru salt withdrawls like the first time). I also cheated quite a bit at the end of the last time around, which significantly slowed my weight loss.

    The 6WBMO is a great plan — provided that you measure your portions until you learn portion control and exert sufficient self-control not to fall off the plan often (or at all).

    I wasnt’ fully on board with exercising when on the plan, so I wasn’t doing anything different from what I normally do (walking a lot during work). More fat-burning exercise (treadmill, walking, bike riding) will accelerate your rate of weight loss over and above the eating plan. Many people lose weight on the plan, even without the exercise.

    As for the foods, there are a lot of choices. I was found to be a body type ‘C’, so I could eat chicken, seafood, occasional lean red meat, rice, potatoes, green veggies and other things. Other body types have different eating plans, which may be more or less restrictive. After eating that way, I now love Romaine salads with red wine vinegar as the dressing and my egg white omelets loaded with onions and green peppers. Strawberry or banana/blueberry smoothies for late evening snacks made it nice, too. One thing’s for sure on this diet – you DON’T go hungry. You usually have a LOT to eat for meals, as long as they’re the right types of food for your body type.

  38. Mark

    I am reading a lot of reports of massive weight loss using this program. Can those reporting please state either starting height and weight or at least starting weight so we have some idea of the progress being made? If someone is 5’5″ and starts at 290 pounds and loses 60 pounds in 3 months they have a way to go to get to where they want to be. If someone who is 5’5″ starts at 195 and loses 30 pounds in 3 months then they are already close to their goal.

    Is it true that you are supposed to experiment with the foods to see which foods make you lose weight faster? We didn’t get that from the reading and instructions.

    Thanx, Mark

  39. josie

    I will be starting the diet tomorrow and at the end of December i will post my results. You can also drink diet rite soda.

  40. becka

    Can someone give me an example of their food for the day? I’m thinking about trying it, but I have 3 youbg children and a husband and a job. It has to be easy to prepare and pack for lunches. Thanks! I know it is customized, I just want an idea

  41. Cara

    I was read a few of these comments. I don’t get why your body will have attack because of no fat. I had my gallbladder out about a few months ago and I don’t eat fat at all. I could a little if I wanted to but I bet there is something wrong with your gallbladder if your having that. I got gullstones because of all the fat I was not eating. So it should be ok not to eat fat..
    I dont get it.

  42. suzanne mount

    After my husband and I split up, I was feeling really depressed. While watching latenight Tv one night, I came across the segiment for 6WBMO. I bought it, of course with doubt in my mind. Well after 3 months i had lost 59 lbs and i was very happy. I didnt follow the exercise portion of the diet and now although thinner, i am flabby with alot of extra belly skin. So if your interested in this diet, plz exercise to get the best results that you can. Also, I have been off the diet for almost 2 years and I have gained back 10-15 lbs. I cant find the booklet that tells me the food combinations (on the flip cards in the back). If someone can email me the list of the foods (especially the fruit n veggie ones) i would appreciate it. email is wow_suzibear1@yahoo.com. Thank you very much and happy dieting. 🙂

  43. Ali

    I did this diet. I lost 40 pounds and looked great. If you want it bad enough you can do it. And I wasn’t hungry.

  44. Bill

    I just read a comment from Alicia about her gallballer attacks and muscle cramps. I started the 6wbm 2 years ago in August. By January I had lost 85 lbs. in January I started experiencing these same systems. In this year and a half since they first started I am still have this problem. I have been hospitalize twice because the pains were so bad, and had every test the doctors in our area could think of. Then they have had me travel 4 hours to doctors of a larger area who they thought could help me. They have not. I continue the diet in the maintaining the weight I have lost.
    If Alicia reads this could you e-mail me and tell me how they discovered your problem so I can tell my doctors and exactly what they are having you do to correct this. Thanks

  45. Alicia

    I bought the G week body makeover and I did the program for 3 weeks but had to stop because I was having gallballer attacks from the lack of fats in the diet and horrible muscle cramps from dangerously low potassium. If I wouldve known these were possiblities I couldve bought potassium supplements and something like flaxseed oil that has omega 3 fatty acid. Now that I know all of this I am planning on continuing the program once my body gets completely better. Oh yea I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and 12 inches.

  46. Just Junque

    Hi – If anyone has this diet that they no longer want – Please let me know at justjunque@gmail.com — I will be happy to pay shipping!


  47. Skibo

    I started this Plan it really works, I have lost 15 lbs in just one week with out working out!!! I really dont like to drink water, so I have alternative drinking meathods ,(Mountain Dew) with moderations, but am still losing weight.

  48. anne

    i can not seem to get breakfeast right. I’s type B and not like eggs. Any suggestions?

    • Misty

      I do not like eggs either. I have found adding Splenda to them as I cook, makes it sweet. I am bad with texture too. So this helps me a lot!

  49. Barbara

    I’ve been doing the 6WBMO for 2 days now and have lost 3.5 lbs. Congrats on losing the 42 lbs and so many inches! I’ve got the meals down, but in losing those 42 lbs, did you exercise? If so, what did you do? I can’t seem to get motivated to exercise the way the plan does. I’d rather use my elliptical.

    Thanks for your help.

  50. carey

    I originally purchased this about 4-5 years ago and started the program. I was leaving an old job and starting a new one, so life got in the way and I put it up. About 2 months ago I pulled it back out and started it. In the last 6 weeks I lost over 42 pounds and as of my measurements 3 weeks ago, lost 21.5 inches in the first 3 weeks. (will be taking measurements again this weekend.)
    Ok, to answer some questions, due to the nature of the diet, it’s not possible to tell you the foods to eat and avoid. Every person is different, you need to take the test and put your book together, customized to your specific type.
    Next, it takes alot of work. Cooking and prepping for meals, which I do once a week and freeze portions, is hard work. YOU ARE WORTH IT! If you are not willing to put in the effort, this diet will NOT work for you.
    Lastly, the saving grace for me with this diet is the recipe exchange. On the website you can get recipes for all body types and different foods and meals. Yes, you do not get any salt, sugar, dairy or processed foods. But once you get over the cravings for thise foods, you will begin to love the natural flavor of foods and get ot know hat you like and waht works for you.
    I say give it a try. There is a money back guaratee, so what do you have to lose, except some weight?

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