6 Week Body Makeover

Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover is a method of losing weight and reshaping the body in a relatively short period of time.

6 Week Make Over Kit

The 6 week body makeover was developed over a number of years by fitness expert Michael Thurmond, a member of the ‘Extreme Team’ on the Extreme Makeover television series.

The 6 week body makeover is not a diet involving special meals, drinks or pills. Rather it is a customized process of learning your own reaction to particular foods, then combining them in your diet so that your unique metabolism burns more fat.

This together with the exercise program which is part of the purchased package, is claimed to ‘make over’ the body to achieve the desired result in 6 weeks.

The package comprises a kit which includes a starting-up video, a body ‘blueprinting’ Kit, exercise bands & training video, custom eating & body shaping plans, a guide for dining out, a ‘Living Lean’ program & audio cassette, a recipe guide/menu planner, and possibly a bonus 6 Day Mini Makeover (see below). It is sold via an infomercial format and is priced at more than $170.

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The 6 Week Body Makeover Plan

The 6 week body makeover has these main components:

  • Identify your type of metabolism by filling out a questionnaire, and reprogram it for maximum fat burning.
  • Eat those foods that work with your particular metabolism to lose weight rapidly, despite eating more of the foods that
    cause weight-loss while reducing foods that cause you weight-gain.
  • Determine your body type, its unique problem areas, and your ultimate goal, in order to exercise less (18 minutes twice a week is quoted) and reshape your body in as little as 6 weeks, losing up to 30 pounds in that time.
  • Learn how to keep excess weight off after the makeover is complete.

The 6 Week Body Make over program (6WBMO) provides you with an eating plan for each meal, tailored for your metabolism, such that you will lose up to 30 pounds in 6 weeks. It details how to use the right foods, combinations, and amounts at the right time of day to force your metabolism to run faster, burning more of the food you feed it as fuel and storing less as fat, thus automatically losing body weight.

Anyone taking medication or with special medical conditions should consult a physician or health care specialist before undertaking this aggressive weight loss plan. There is dietary advice in the plan for participants who suffer from hypoglycemia, high or low blood pressure, or food allergies.

There are many testimonials of success in varying degrees with this plan. Some sample comments:

  • with time, you don’t miss the salt.
  • I found I acquired a taste for the fruits/ veggies.
  • there is no dairy and lots of healthy foods & water.
  • This isn’t the plan for you if you just want “another diet”. This is a life changing thing & it is for the serious
  • In the 1st 6 wks I lost 30+ lbs. The 1st wk was the hardest, because the plan is so strict.
  • I am on my 17th week and I have lost 68.5 lbs.
  • Yes it takes time to prepare your food for the week … I cook the week’s meals on Sundays.
  • I buy frozen chicken strips.. they are usually the right size for the meal.. I also buy frozen veggies.. I spend no
    time at all in the kitchen.
  • I am in my sixth day and I have lost 8.5 lb.
  • I started the 6WBMO almost 5 weeks ago … I have lost 17 pounds.

The 6 Week Body Makeover is undoubtedly a program that works for many who stick to the regimen. Others feel that it is over-priced for the information that is offered.

The 6 Day Body Makeover

The much more rigorous 6 day mini makeover or ‘mini makeover’ has been developed from the basic 6 week body makeover outlined above. This accelerated weight loss plan is designed to drop the body to a smaller clothing size in 6 days, so it is suitable as a crash project for a special occasion, but is NOT recommended for use on a regular basis. The 6 day body makeover involves 5-6 small meals per day, and 45-60 minutes daily of ‘long, slow distance exercises’ (walking, slow jogging, treadmill, or stationary bike), which it is claimed shifts the body into fat-burning mode.

Much planning and preparation is required, but menus and serving sizes are all mapped out, and recipes are provided. A lot of fish and poultry are on the menu and are including in mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Christina

    I did this diet last year and lost 75lbs. It works like a dream. I got a newspaper route as a substitute on-call for one month and bought my kit on eBay when they first came out for over $100. If you want it bad enough, there is a way to get it. The plan is not that expensive if you don’t try to come home and prepare dinner when you’re hungry. Watch grocery sales, buy in the bulk section, only get what you need for a week or two. My husband was laid off work for 7 months while I did this diet. You eat less, and the natural food is much cheaper than pre-packaged. What worked for me in meat preparation was buying two family packs (about $15) and cooking several small batches with different seasonings or meals on the weekends. Freeze some, keep some in the fridge. Fast food is fat food. Take control and you can do it!

  2. michelle

    Would like to start this diet, does anyone want to sell me there kit for 0- blood type? michelleh_66@hotmail.com

  3. fottballer

    I have some advice for you overweight people. i weighed over 250 last year now i weight 160 of lean muscle. the sercet is to just excerise 5 days a week (must be vigerous some days and aerobic others). you ust also eat healthy recommended by a doctor or a health expert

  4. dana

    Just a pointer for people who try to order over the phone….don’t. Most of the time it’s some 3rd party company with representatives who work from home or at a center with little knowledge of the product and their entire goal (and part of their paycheck) comes from the “Upsells” they get you to buy. lol, trust me…I worked for one of these companies for years and many people would get frustrated over the fact that they called to order EXACTLY what they wanted and nothing else. Just order it online or tell the representative…”I don’t want any of the additional offers” say this twice, b/c the first time theyll just give u a rebuttal. If they don’t stop, hang up. They will get reprimanded b/c a little money is better than no money for the company.

  5. dana

    i just ordered this product and hope it works for me. I’m a 5’8″ female with a small frame. So, I think I could get down to 125-135 without looking too thin. I was doing atkins, it worked, but I’m half asian and i simply can’t live w/out rice….LOL! i used to go to the gym all the time, but fell of the band wagon. However, several of the weight lifters told me they often eat the same foods day after day…then after a few weeks switch it up a little. they say it helps to keep the metabolism and glucose levels in check and keeps them from over eating. i have no probs with eating the same things over and over….it keeps me in check, besides, Im one of those people who loves to have a routine with certain things.

  6. Daniel

    I have been on this plan for 5 weeks and have lost 32 pounds. If you stick to it and eat what and when you are supposed to, the weight will come off. The first couple weks is all water weight. The weight falls off slower as the weeks go by but thats the fat coming off. Good luck!

  7. Latrelle

    Anyone willing to share details for body type C or sell your kit, please email me at tonljenks@yahoo.com


  8. edie

    This DOES work if you do what he says. I lost 19 pounds in two weeks. I messed up and went back to my old habits and gained it all back. I’m starting it again and this time stickin with it!

  9. Rena

    dont do this do the scared heart diet
    it works like a miricle so far i have lost 56.5
    pounds and it has been a mointh
    i feel like a new born person. i am never going back to my old self
    try it !

  10. JOni

    I agree Anita those Zip lock steaming bags come in handy. i actually had thos things for a year and decided to bust them out while starting this diet and they work really good. Since I am a type A I eat a lot of chicken and if you add garlic and lemon with the chicken in one on those bags it come out really good!

  11. Anita

    I started the eating plan on 6 days ago at 309.2 and I have lost 14.6 pounds. I am very excited about my results. I am already fitting into my skinny jeans! The no salt thing does take some getting used to but I like how I feel! I found that I love spinach. Planning is not so bad. I found food cooks up fast and easy in those zip lock steaming bags.

  12. susy

    i have gained over twenty five lbs. since my boyfriend got out of prison? i need i good diet to help me loose weight what is right for me?

  13. cindy

    Anyone willing to share the formula or sell their kit, please email me

  14. jennifer

    Hello everyone i’m looking forward to starting this program I was very lucky to get mine for 25$ my best friend ordered it and she didn’t want to do it so she had the lapband done and she was gonna throw the program in the trash! so i just paid her 25$ ..This was truely a blessin because i have about a 100lbs to lose .

  15. Lisa

    What is the program? If some people cant afford the kit then maybe they can replicate it at home if someone can outline the following:
    What foods are included and excluded?
    Are there times you are supposed to eat and not eat?
    What exercises are supposed to be undertaken and how often?
    What is the “secret” behind the program that makes it so different from the others and a success?
    This type of information will help those of us wanting to buy it but unsure at this stage or those who cant afford it not to be excluded and maybe modify the program which is better than nothing. Just so we can know what the program is before spending the money.

  16. Deedee

    Seriously people…please read the question if you are going to respond and not sound like a commerical! The real question is: What is the program? If some people cant afford the kit then maybe they can replicate it at home if someone can outline the following:
    What foods are excluded?
    Are there times you are supposed to eat and not eat?
    What exercises are supposed to be undertaken and how often?
    What is the “secret” behind the program that makes it so different from the others and a success?
    This type of information will help those of us wanting to buy it but unsure at this stage or those who cant afford it not to be excluded and maybe modify the program which is better than nothing.

    • Dawn

      No salt, no sugar (including most fruit), no dairy, no alcohol. Move your body 1 hour every day. No processed foods. It is pretty simple and if you read the comments you will see that people do with a lot of success. Search the internet and determine what body type you are, then start working! Good luck. I have done this to kick start losing weight after running a marathon and gaining 30 lbs because I did not stop eating after I stopped training. Lost 30 lbs in 3 months and kept it off for 10 years.

    • Justalittlwmogwai

      Eat 5 to.6 small meals a day. I am a body type D.
      Breakfast is
      2oz protein (i choose eggs whites as my protein) 1/2 cup starch i choose oatmeal.

      Morning snack: 2 egg whites and 1/4 cup berries or pineapple.

      Lunch: 1-2 cups green veggies (lately i choose peas), 1/2 cup starch (i choose potato) and 2 oz lean protein (today i had halibut)

      Afternoon snack: 1/2 cup starch and 2 oz lean protein. Today i had rice and chicken.

      Dinner: 1 cup green veggies, (broccoli tonight), 1/2 cup starch (rice) and 2oz lean protein (i choose steak).

      No fat
      No sugar
      No dairy
      No salt
      Lean proteins vary from chicken breast to white fish and lean hamburger to sirloin steak.
      You need to drink water. I try for 100+ ounces per day.

      This diet varies depending on your body type. From the foods you eat to the portions you have. Some types have turkey as an option and others don’t. Some say go for the red meat others don’t. The whole point of the diet is to individualize it to your body and then get healthy. I only have the info for type d. I do not have the evaluation, but there is one on pintrest you can print out. It might just be better and easier to vuy it for yourself. You might stick to.it better too if you invest in it. But, here is my version of it. Everyone’s is different.

  17. Donna

    so much cheaper to buy on shopping channel

  18. Seriously

    ok so i got this program and i think it worked my elly got a little less bloated but the amount of food you need to prepare and the cost of food my fiance and i just got so bored with eatting chicken when you wake up until you go to bed SERIOUSLY! I honestly think it would work for us but literally have no time to eat four times during the day without having a sandwich or something on the go i work all day so it was hard to keep up also it was expensive i thought and i dont have a door in our aartment to work out on so ya also our winters in canada is not fun to walk in winter so ther goes our cardio so ya it just didn’t work in our busy lives … got to pay bills somehow !!!!

    • Colleen

      Would you like to sell your kit.i did this before and it worked but I loss my blueprint.colleen

  19. Bre-Bre

    I ordered it like 4 wks ago i am gettn very impatient… I want the same way about gettn frustrated wen ordering over the phone cuz they try to offer u so many other things that u dont want or need. So i finally placed my order and im still waitn. I will keep u updated once i receive it and begin to lose weight. I got a question tho! If i start the 6wbmo should i take any type of pills like water pills and laxatives? Will that speed up the detox? Or should i jux stick wit the basics eatn the meals and exercising?

  20. Lakshmi G.

    To all the girls i recomend u join a sport at ur school, if ur shy then u can get in to weight class. I was in it during HS and thats when i looked my best…u r all really young so u have lots of time to change ur eating havits…i know its hard to see other girls at school who eat whatever and dont gain a pound…that always made me angry, anyway the point is try to just eat more fruits & veggies and be healthy so that u grow up healthy…most of us that have weight problems didnt see it till we had too much weight to lose…so if u do like my friends dougther u will grow up being at ur perfect weight…By the way she has not gain any weight back because she did it the right way.Even after she had a baby.We can all lear from her. I dont see what i posted last so here what she did over a summer she stopped eating junkfood and exercised for about 45 min, 4-5 days a week…no fancy exercise she just walked in her back yard at a med speed, drink lots water…Thats all it takes. Thats what im doin now & its working even though i’m older!!!!!!! Good luck…u can do it!!!!!

  21. Lakshmi G

    For those of you who would like to buy the package, i think you should save your money. i got it about a year ago, i did lose alomst 20 lbs but i have gain it all back & then some. I have always been overweight but after havin a baby i got real big…i gained almost 80 lbs. and cookin for a husband who eats whatever & doesnt gain a pound didn’t help me much on loosin all the babyfat
    …so the six week body makeover will work only for those people who have a really strong will, and can survive on very little food other wise your betteroff just cuttin the real bad things of your diet & addin some exercise 2 to 3 times a week…when i was usin the program everyone around me would ask me how could i eat like that…NO SALT, NO SUGAR EVER!!!!!!!
    and well everythin alse was so hard that i have not gotten my self to go trought it again…i dont know how i did it the first time. Now i’m back on a diet but this time i’ll do it the rightway…i recomend joyning the 50millionpounds.com theres alot of info there that will help and best of all ITS FREE!!! best of luck to all of you…i have my goal set to lose 65 lbs…for the 14 yr old girls,my friends dougther was the same but she lost it all during her summer vacation just by not eating juck food and she walked in her backyard for about 45 min, 4-5 times a week.At your age thats all u need to do… GOOD LUCK

  22. Kelli

    I agree with Desi Smith. I did buy the program (it hasn’t arrived yet), but I was very frustrated with the multiple offers of other products to purchase. My phone call lasted forever and by the end of it, I was really considering cancelling my purchase entirely. I hope Michael Thurmond pays attention to these complaints.

  23. me

    is it really good

  24. Melissa

    Michael Thurmond’s 6 week body makeover works!! It is easy!! It is a quick way to lose real weight and keep it off. During the first week, you will lose water weight. That is why 7-10 pounds is possible that week. After that, the weight comes off at a steady pace. I lost weight when I bought the program 7 years a go and am ging to refer to it again to lose the few pounds I have put on this last year!!!!

  25. Anonymous

    The girl Jena who wrote she is 5’9 & 140lbs that is below the perfect weight for ur height u do not need 2 diet!!!! I struggled with tht my whole life 2 (I’m 5’8) growin up thinkn tht was too much when other girls weighed like 100lbs but they were like 5’2 ur weight is fine! the weight range for 5’9 is between 150-165lbs

  26. Me

    I purchased the product a few years ago and was not happy with it. The six week body makeover takes a lot of reading and food restrictions in order to make it work. I believe being able to vists Mike Thurmands center would be better if you are one whos prefers one on one training. If you do not like to keep logs and journals this is not for you. Best wishes.

  27. emmyalex

    to keep it off you should try the healthy recipes in october FITNESSMAGAZINE.

  28. emmyalex

    Sure this works but if you really want to keep eating healthy you have to work out. i’ve been doing the workouts in fitness magazine. they have a new healthy eating month of menus that is awesome in oct issue. Take it off, but then you have to keep it off!!!

  29. mani

    omg this diet totaly works!!! i used 2 be like 300 lb in 9th grade and now im a senior and weigh 145!!!!!!!!!

  30. ragl

    I’m like Candy. I would love to do this but can not afford it. I am unemployed and you can imagine how the weight is even getting worse. Does any one want to see theirs? ragl@swbell.net

  31. Montana

    I’ve been on this program for one week and I have lost 6 pounds and 10 inches off my body. I feel great and don’t have cravings for junk foods like I’ve had with previous diets. The 18 minute exercises are easy but you still feel it working. I recommend doing it with someone for encouragement. The first three days were tough because my body was flushing out all the toxins of daily junk food out. I felt as if i were going through withdrawls. But Now everything is going great and I am now motivated more than ever to lose weight.

  32. brianna

    can it help kids

  33. Bird

    HI everyone–I started this weight loss plan the end of June 2008, it is the end of July 2008 and I have lost 40 pounds. I have not stuck to it 100% and I neglect the exercises way too much. I can only imagine what is possible if I was totally faithfull to it. It is worth every penny. Ordering online is best, less hastle, and you get the porduct which some say if you call Provida and order it online you get billed and sometimes never get the product and even bigger problems. Also the HSN online site sells it with much success. You won’t regret it if you give it an honest try. I will be 100% devoted to the plan next week, I am limited on money and will be able to afford stocking up on things next week so I can lose my goal. Good luck everyone, it is not recommended for minors but also suggests everyone to refere to their physician before starting this plan. I did not, but I feel better than I ever have. Don’t regret it at all. One day I hope I can meet Mr. Thurman and tell him thanks for sharing with everyone what he learned.

  34. Hannah

    I also cannot afford the kit, please email me @ leahsparkle17@yahoo.com if you are looking to get rid of your kit, we can discuss some kind of arrangement.

  35. Roberta

    I have done the 6 week body make over and lost quite a bit of weight in a short time. The product is a bit misleading as it says that you eat more and lose weight but the fact is that you eat more often and consume very few calories over all-about 700-1000 per day. The weight comes off but the loss is difficult to maintain because the diet is extreme. I have put on all of the weight that I lost and then some. Try a more moderate diet. This is very aggressive dieting.

  36. Jenna

    Jesee, and April I totally understand. I am 14 years old, 5″9, and weigh 140 some pounds. I am going to go on this diet even if I am young. I need something, I have just been upset with myself lately because of my weight.

  37. amy816

    I just have to comment to the young girls reading this diet. I am 27 a small frame 5’2 and i was at one time 185lbs I was obsessed with loosing weight. First and foremost you must stop obsessing and believe that it will come off please read “The Secret” It will help you gain a more positive attitude and things will happen. Then get involved in summer activities keep yourselves busy go for a 10 min walk 2 times a day. Invest in an ipod or some fav cds and clean your rooms/dance walk, excersice I loved Tae Bo it helps. Dont eat things that are “man made fake foods” go to the library get some cook books learn that there are great foods that are healthy. Take control of your body and mind It will come off I promise. I am 115 lbs now.

  38. Anonymous

    Before you order this product, check out http://www.consumeraffairs.com/nutrition/provida.html because Provida is truly infamous for this. Its also all over a lot of those other business sites. Honestly? I lost 115lbs in 9 months simply by switching to whole foods, staying hydrated, and moderately excercising everyday. I followed the food pyramid guide (government even has a free site for it!), and to be honest: I have PCOS, endometriosis, glaucoma, and was diabetic. So, there is no excuse for “special” requirments. Talk with your MD and find a healthy, balanced plan. Its an effort but isn’t it worth it for a life long plan as compared to an not so life long plan?

  39. woobie

    Connie Jo is right. Order it from Home Shopping. It’s cheaper and then you don’t have to deal with the sales people trying to sell you the vitamins and other stuff.

  40. connie jo

    Hey you guys get it on Home Shopping and save a lot of money!
    As far as if this works I have no idea. But always try the TV shopping online websites as they usually get it for a lower price. QVC or Home Shopping.

  41. Anonymous

    i really understand what all of you guys are going through because i
    am 23 years old and i weigh 150 pounds and im only 5’2″ and i want to desperately want to lose about 30 pounds and tone my body and i don’t like to excerise and i like to eat i don’t know what to do..

  42. candy

    If anybody is looking to get ride of their kit, can you please email me.iam a single mom who really want to lose 100 pds + but I can’t afford the product!this is not a scam, my health is.at risk! I am obese. My e-mail address is c.williams_cna@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  43. apw0924

    I started this program on last week and can really see and feel a difference. my metabolism is at a level that i haven’t seen in years, i’m never hungry, and i feel so much better about myself. my only comment to others is: don’t start unless you’re truly commited….

  44. April

    jesse i can relate to u i am 12 yrs old and 141 lbs i need help to lose like 30lbs before school starts again

  45. helpingyou

    desi you can order it from the website and there is no one to sell you other products. It is a new eating program, and it works. I lost 25 lbs the first month alone. You are not hungry and even my acid reflux is gone.

  46. natalie

    do you people even read the description before you post

  47. desi smith

    I was so upset I called about 2am to order the Michael Thurmond program. I must say I never got to order the program the operator was so busy trying to sell me 20 other things. Why did he let me place my order and then offer me the other things. I was so upset with him for 15 minutes trying to sell somthing else that both of us left the phone with nothing. Ihope this info get to Michael this is not good marketing. I couldn’t get what i wanted and neither did he.

  48. nicole

    are you sure this diet is going to work?

  49. jesse

    I have alot of wight on me.144 pounds wow for a 11 year old girl.what diet is right for me

  50. Peter

    What is this diet?

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